Pop Riveting is a specialized application of robotics in manufacturing, particularly in assembly processes where rivets are used to join materials, typically metal sheets or components. This process automates the application of pop rivets, enhancing precision, efficiency, and consistency. Pop Riveting represents a significant advancement in assembly technology, offering a solution that is both efficient and consistent, making it an essential tool in industries where high-quality riveting is crucial to the manufacturing process.

Basic Principle

  • Pop Riveting: Also known as blind riveting, pop riveting is a method of joining two or more materials using a rivet with a tubular body and a mandrel through its center. The rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole, and a tool pulls the mandrel, causing the body to deform and clamp the materials together. The mandrel then snaps, leaving the rivet in place.
  • Robotic Integration: In robotic pop riveting, a robotic arm is equipped with a riveting tool to automate this process.

Key Components

  • Robotic Arm: A programmable arm capable of precise, repeatable movements. The arm maneuvers the riveting tool to the exact location for rivet application.
  • Riveting Tool: An attachment on the robotic arm specifically designed for inserting and setting pop rivets.
  • Control System: Software that programs and controls the robot’s operations, ensuring accurate rivet placement and setting.


Ensures accurate placement of rivets, crucial for product quality and structural integrity.

Robots can operate at a high speed and with continuous operation, significantly increasing the throughput.

Provides uniform rivet application, essential for assembly quality.

Automates a task that would otherwise require manual labor.


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